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Mark de Jong & Latineo

Latineo has started some years ago as a Netherlands based  latinjazz 4tet, featuring Marc Bischoff (Germany) on piano, Yerman Aponte (Venezuela) on bass, Mark de Jong (The Netherlands) on drums and José Pepe Espinosa (Cuba) on percussion. In this format the first CD was recorded in 2010, called Two Ways, published on Walboomers Records. The repertoire in those days consisted of orginal tunes by Marc Bischoff and arrangements of jazzpieces by Mark de Jong.

In recent years, bandleader and drummer Mark de Jong started developing another side of his musicality, and began composing original music for Latineo. Influenced by groups like Irakere, NG la Banda, Klimax and Ralph Irizarry's Timbalaye, his ideas asked for a more extensive line-up and so he decided to transform the format into a 7-tet, by adding a 3-piece hornsection. The newly added bandmembers are Teus Nobel (The Netherlands) on trumpet and flugelhorn, Efraim Trujillo (USA/The Netherlands) on tenor and soprano saxophones, and Juan Carlos Rosquete (Cuba) on alto saxophone. Latineo also welcomed a new percussion player, Leonid Muñoz (Cuba).

By end 2015 Mark had written various compositons and it was about time to record a new album. The album has just been released (June 2016) and is entitled 'Universal Resonance'. The group tries out new directions within the latinjazz genre, with an original and refreshing sound. In a distinct and contemporary way Latineo shows that the evolution of latinjazz is still going strong. Cuban and Caribbean rhythms, catchy melodies, impressive improvisations, influences from
Salsa and Timba and even from religious Afro-Cuban music, all come to an organic unity in Latineo´s music.

Teus Nobel - Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Efraim Trujillo - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones

Juan Carlos Rosquete - Alto Saxophone

Marc Bischoff - Piano, Rhodes, Synths

Yerman Aponte - Bass

Leonid Muñoz - Congas, Bata Drums

Mark de Jong - Drums

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